UV Tanning Bed Ban – Could USA Be Next?

Australia has officially instated a ban on the commercial use of Ultra Violet (UV) tanning beds and booths, effective 2015. The South Australian Government said the owners of tanning salons would be consulted about how to change their businesses ahead of the ban prior to the effective date. In Australia, skin cancer cases are one of the highest in the world, twice the rate as the US.

There are mixed signals in the tanning industry about how safe tanning is. For the moment, the FDA ranks tanning machines as class-I devices– as safe to use, in other words, as elastic bandages. Few other health groups share that position. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer added ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds to a danger category of carcinogens that includes radon and plutonium.

The FDA has been reviewing its classification of tanning beds since 2010. If they change the classification, as they very well should, tanning laws will change drastically.

No matter what you may hear at some tanning salons, the cumulative damage caused by UV radiation can, and likely will, lead to premature skin aging as well as skin cancer. Indoor UV tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors.

We get clients at Luminosity who sometimes go UV tanning in combination with, or dangerous-tanning-hear296in between sunless spray sessions. It is alarming how many people, young women in particular who have knowledge of the damage it can cause, who still use UV. It’s our mission to educate and introduce clients to healthier options. Sunless spray tanning is 100% safe, UV free tanning that allows you to get any depth of tan you choose, without the harmful effects of the sun and ultra violet rays.


Fair-Weather Tans

girl_winter_snow_hat_63784_previewYou have probably heard the term, fair-weather fans, when referring to professional sports. For those checking out our spray tanning blog, who have little to no interest in the National football, baseball, ping pong ball, whatever it may be; allow me to explain. Fair-weather fans are known people who only support teams when they are doing well, ie, when the “weather is fair.” If their team is losing, they don’t claim to be a fan, but when their team is winning, they are obnoxiously supportive. In fact, these “fans” tend to only watch a sports team when said team is having a winning season or an important playoff game.
This brings me to fair-weather TANS, people who tan only once or twice a year for special events, and could care less about looking attractive the other 364 days of the year. I’m not judging here, I’m all about comfort and a low maintenance appearance, but why not be confident in your look all year round? Why wait to look good until the one night when it’s expected to look impeccable.
From my personal experience, New Year’s Eve is the BIGGEST fair-weather tan time of the year. The one night filled with glitz and glamour, where you picture yourself popping bottles, draped in sparkling sequins, tanned, toned and dazzling. Who wouldn’t want to have a deep glowing tan to go along with their holiday dress look?
The New Year’s Eve clients are far from the mentality of, “oh maybe I’ll get a quick tan before my event.” These are die hard clients who will rearrange their schedule, skip their lunch break, and even skip their work day all together if need be to make sure they get in for their spray tan. This would explain the hordes of girls looking for appointments the day before New Year’s Eve, doing ANYTHING to be the tannest possible by their event.
My question to these fair-weather tans is, if you love the tan and the results that much, and feel it really “makes your look” then why not look hot all year round? Don’t get me wrong we have plenty of weekly all year round tanners, but why not the fair-weathers? This group mostly saves their one tan a year to go super dark and sexy for their big night.
Plenty of people I know spray tan regularly in summer, but many of them stop cold turkey sometime right after Halloween. Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing wrong with being pale and proud, and to be honest, I don’t get sprayed quite as often or go as dark as I do in July and August, but I am a big believer on the positive effects of a cold-weather tan. Chasing away the Winter Blues…or Winter Whites in this case! Getting a sunless tan allows you to maintain a summer glow not matter how short the daylight or cold the temperature. It gives you a morale boost and a certain confidence, attractiveness, and yes more toned and skinnier appearance. You can wear any outfit you want and not shy away from bare arms or a scoop neck.
Realistically you can get a nice subtle glow year round by switching to a seasonally appropriate (and more affordable) light sunless tanning regime. Remember you DO NOT have to be super dark, just from the islands in the dead of winter… but can’t we all admit that the little glow you get from a light tan makes each outfit look that much better? What about the glow on your face, so you don’t have to cake on the bronzer? Light, fresh and always natural looking! So don’t partake in fair-weather tans, be happy and confident in your look all year round!