The Making of A Victoria’s Secret Angel – Head to Toe!

If you happened to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show last night, you may have been thinking the same things. 1: That’s so sparkly and pretty! 2: Her body is SICK! (in a good way). 3: I really need to hit the gym. Ugh, I wonder if I still have my membership.. do those expire?

Candice-Swanpoel Adriana-Lima Butterflies









We loved watching Vicky’s show, the glamour, the glitz! The bronzed, stick thin bodies holding up ginormous wings! It really is a magical production. It may give young girls unrealistic ideals for body image, but hey, these girls worked for it! They haven’t seen a complex carbohydrate in months! Seeing how beautiful and flawless each Angel looked as they emerged prompted us to do a little digging on how they get ready. How does this transformation work, from a regular old model, to a Victoria’s Secret Angel? This is what we found!

beauty1 beauty2 beauty3 beauty33 beauty5









25 makeup artists, 25 hair stylists (25 curling irons) and 9 manicurists  transformed 47 supermodels into Angels for the runway of the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Tousled sexy waves are the classic Angel look! The makeup, classically features sultry eyes, bronzed cheeks and a natural lip. Glamorous but natural, not over done looking. Hours of makeup for a more “natural” look, who would have thought!







The skin is always tan, toned and glowing on the runway! This is do to a fabulous spray tan before hand. Victoria’s Secret has their own line of self tanners, but the key is a good spray artist that can CONTOUR! Even Taylor Swift who performed throughout the show got on the magical spray tan train, and she’s never looked better!

We’ve read some statement from the Angels about how they stay so thin. Of course most of these girls were the “awkward, lanky, dorky one” and with a healthy diet and an astronomical amount of working out starting 9 months prior to the show, they become the sexy toned Angel. Those push up bras work wonders on them!







Every detail for each Angel must be just right. This is why each one is spritzed with Victoria’s signature scent, “Heavenly”.  So when you think of models, running around backstage, sweating and clammy, not these Angels! Primped, primed and scented to perfection! Even if you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, you can smell like one!







Overall, as jealous as we may be of these girls, they really did rock it. They are the ultimate sexy, classy, glamorous Angels we all know and love!




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