Pre-Tan Shaving Trick

We heard from one of our clients about this amazing tip to shaving your legs before your sunless tan. We tried it out and IT WORKS! Using Baby Oil Gel (we used Johnson and Johnson) to shave is amazing! Use a thin layer on your legs in the shower or on a sink/ledge and shave as normal, then rinse. It is the smoothest shave ever. This leaves your legs baby soft and eliminates razor burn and bumps. It albaby-oilso helps to keep your razors sharp, which is a huge bonus since razors can get expensive!

If you do this while prepping for a sunless tan there are a few tips to remember. Normally we wouldn’t suggest any oils on your legs before a tan, BUT this routine should be done the night before a tan. Then do another quick shower rinse the next day before your tan to get rid of any excess residue. It is always better to shave 12+ hours before a tan so you don’t get the blotchiness that open pores on your legs can leave when tanning freshly shaved legs.

You can feel the difference in the smoothness of your legs! It feel like the hair takes longer to grow back and stays smooth for longer. Also your razor should last twice as long. Try it out!


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