How To Wear Dark Lipstick

Dark lips are allplum2 the rage for fall, and here at Luminosity we can’t get enough of them. Although this new take on the gothic classic is a bit more romantic, it’s still a pretty look with impact, which means you want to get the look down pat so all goes well. Here’s some helpful tips!


Even it up:  There are a lomodel-dark-lips-3t of great lip exfoliators out there, If you feel like you have  flaky lips, gently exfoliate them. This is especially for a matte look which can enchance the flakiness or dry lips. A dark gloss will help cover up if you havn’t done an exfoliating lip treatment.

De-fuzz your top lip: Always make sure there is no hair on your upper lip. You have no idea what attention – and the wrong kind of attention – that dark shadow brings to your mouth. Also, if the lip color catches any of those little, tiny hairs? Forget it, the look is just not good.

Start with a base: The best way to prepare your lips for wearing a dark color is to keep them in great shape, which means keeping them moisturized. A great lip balm is essential, but try to get one that’s not too glossy because if you use it as a base under the lip color, it’ll sheer the color out or cause it to slip past the lip line. Go for balms that are more matte.

Outline: Lining your lips are extremely important to ensure your lipstick looks more polished and neat and put together. Along with lining, it’s important to make sure you get around that cupid’s bow and also highlight for a sharper look.

Go for glowing skin:  You also have to spend a minute to perfect your skin, which is something a lot of people tend to forget. If your dark lips are competing against blotchiness or redness on the chin or nose, it just doesn’t look as fresh. Start with a light sunless tan or at least a tinted BB cream, you don’t want to be too pale and gothy looking with a dark lip.

Get the hue: Text out a few different hues before your dark lip debut. Range from bold red to vampy wines and berries.

Smile Bright: Visit Luminosity, because nothing looks better with a bold dark lip then a white smile.  It looks bright and fresh with an amazing color cotrast. Just make sure your dark lipstick doesnt end up on your teeth!






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