Get Rid Of That Cellulite!

b0a2d6fa9120b93ffd3e1e2dfa3ecee2Just about all women have it, and whether genetics has blessed you with a little more than you’d like, cellulite is just one of those things we have to embrace. What causes that dimply, orange-peel-looking flesh? When fat cells push up against our skin and the fibrous tissue that connects our skin to our muscle pulls down, we’re left with that signature bumpy skin. Although you can’t get rid of cellulite completely, here are some simple things you can do to reduce its appearance.


1: Cardio

Cellulite is a type of fat, and the tried-and-true way to get rid of fat is to burn it off. Intense cardio workouts such as running, cycling, hiking up hills, or taking cardio classes are your greatest weapon. Note that it may take several months to decrease your overall percentage of body fat and notice a difference in your skin’s appearance.

2: Tone Up

Once you decrease the fat on your body, tone strong, lean muscle by doing strength-training moves that target trouble spot. By improving the tone of your muscles, which will help make your legs, tush, and abs appear smoother. Try a fun group class most gyms are now offering!

3: Eat Healthy

Of course, eating a healthy diet goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy weight. The less fat you have on your body, the less cellulite appears. Eat a diet rich in fruits and veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains.

4: Stay Hydrated

Reducing the appearance of dimply skin is as simple as drinking a glass of nature’s beverage. Staying hydrated improves the texture of your skin because it helps your body release excess fluid it may be holding on to. Drink up!

5: Spray Tan

We are all about a healthy lifestule but for those stubborn areas, a sunless spray tan can do wonders to camoflauge lumps and bumps. As we always say, if you can’t TONE it, TAN it!




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DIY Sugar Scrub


You all know how important it is to EXFOLIATE in preperation for a sunless tan and at the end of a tan to get the last bits off before a fresh session. This summery scrub is easy and smells fantastic! It will leave your skin soft and glowing. Do this 24 hours before your Luminosity sunless session for best results. After using this scrub in the shower it is important to fully rinse any oil residue off of your skin before coming in for a sunless tan. Enjoy!




2 Cups of Sugar

3/4 cup of Olive Oil (or sub for melted coconut oil)

1 tbsp of Vanilla Exract

1 tbsp of orange essential oil












Add all ingredients into a large bowl.












Mix well.











Put in a jar.












These can also be packaged in squeeze tubes or cute decorative jars for the perfect gift!