Contour Bronzer The Right Way

This wee1309b7b3c87cafba706f442b8eab79c3k we thought we would share with you an easy and descriptive step by step to applying and contouring bronzer. If you’ve already got your Luminosity spray tan, you won’t need much bronzer, just a dusting! Sometimes you’ll see a girl whose face is bronzed with an all over same color. We think a little contouring creates such a more natural look, and we LOVE the natural tan look! Read aside for details.


Don’t forget the Sunscreen!

Don’t forget  to la0754e4e205678b6773633e68e3e7f119ther up that SPF this Memorial Day Weekend. Chances are your skin hasn’t seen the sun since last summer, so don’t forget it if you’re on vacation this weekend! The damage one burn can do to your skin is astronomical! Get a sunless spray at Luminosity and apply sunscreen right over-top as needed. You’ll already have your sun kissed color!


Things To Do While Brushing Your Teeth

How long does it take you to bshutterstock_55024834rush your teeth? Unlike other beauty routines like applying make up, doing your hair etc, there is no way to speed up the teeth brushing process while still giving your teeth a proper cleaning. No matter how much toothpaste you use or how fancy your toothbrush is, you cannot adequately brush your teeth in under 2 minutes. Even though that doesn’t sound like too much time, when we get in a hurry. we don’t realize we’re taking way less time then we should.

For instance, I personally tested out this theory this morning in preparation for this blog by  setting a timer to brush. I didn’t count in my head or do anything different, I simply brushed as I always did. 41 seconds… a measly 41 seconds is all I got! It sure seemed like longer. 41 seconds just does not cut it, I owe it to myself to neglect my smile! To help us all get to the two minute mark, here’s a list of tips to draw out your brushing time:

Read something – Grab a magazine or pull something up on your phone to read through. A full article, not just a facebook scroll!

Listen to a song – This is a great way to make sure you rack up the minutes, although it will be difficult to sing along.

Workout – Sit ups may be difficult, but how about some lunges? Now you have to excuse to skip a workout!

Make a list – Take this couple of spare minutes to make a to-do list, grocery list, any list for the day.


If you are a multitasker, the possibilities are endless! Just be sure to get that minimum 2 minutes on your pearly whites. Good dental hygiene starts at home!

How to get a Mani/Pedi when you have a spray tan?

As you may know, your manicure or pedicure should always be BEFORE your sunless tan. That way it’s all done when you go in for your tan and your nails are just simply wiped clean after, leaving them completely stain free. If you do the tan first you would have to worry about it being soaked and exfoliated off your hands and feet.

Although,  if you’re like me and have waited until the last minute to get your hair, nails, tan done before any given event. Here’s the low down on what NOT to do when getting a mani/pedi after a fresh tan:

* Ask for a “polish change only.”  This allows for your nails to be filed and painted with out the extras.

* No exfoliating scrubs or washing hands and feet after.

* No massaging after especially with oils and lotions

Follow these steps to ensure your new spring mani and your sunless tan stay flawless!e9703503ceb2ac21cfc3703e20960b60 11e909fbdcdd56761511170cc4f9ff13