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Check 0ut this fabulous and informative blog we randomly came across by a recent client:



Side note: With the custom airbrush tan, it is customized to your body and you can always go lighter or darker based on your wants during the actual tan. We typically recommend trying a lighter shade for the first time until you see how your skin reacts with the tan. Always natural, never orange!


Brides Against Breast Cancer

Luminosity is bridesso excited to be part of this amazing event this year in Philly for Brides Against Breast Cancer. This organization contributes to programs for cancer patients, their families and caregivers. The outreach and educational efforts during the “Nationwide Tour of Gowns” bridal shows around the country help ensure that people impacted by cancer have the resources and information they need in their battle with cancer. The revenue generated by Brides Against Breast Cancer make it possible to deliver free information and services to thousands of children and adults impacted by cancer. This fabulous organization will contribute $2 million dollars to help, this year alone!

The event will be held at the gorgeous Wyndham Hotel in Old City, Philadelphia. We will be there Friday May 9th from 6pm-9pm and Saturday May 10th from 10am-4pm. Please come show your support! If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, come get some fabulous ideas. They will even have an amazing selection of designer gowns at special discounted rates.

This event holds a very near place in my heart on a personal level. We often do charity events and such, but this one feels different. To see and feel a struggle from someone you care deeply about, you want to help be a part of the battle. One of my very good girlfriends, Johanna, is currently battling with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) stage IIIB. She is also a bride-to-be and is engaged to be married to another wonderful soul. This beautiful friend of mine has just finished her chemotherapy and is on her way to recovery! Her courage has continually inspired me since her diagnosis in October, 2013.

I encourage you to read Johanna’s blog that she’s kept throughout the whole experience. Her battle is ongoing, but her story is absolutely empowering and inspirational! No matter what you are going through, you will relate to her words in some way or another. See the link below.

Pro Tennis Player Supports Safe Sun


Professional tennis player, Maria Sharpova has added to her business portfolio by becoming co-owner of sun protection brand Supergoop. The tennis player says that she wears the brand’s sunscreen – Everyday Face & Body Moisturizer – when she’s training or in tournaments, but also wants to emphasize the importance of sun protection when she’s not on the court.

“One of the most important keys is the idea that you don’t only need sunscreen when you are outdoors and it is 100 degrees outside, but on the days where you are just going to an office and you might only spend 10 minutes outdoors,” Sharpova said. “You still should be wearing sun protection.”

We love when prominent celebrities and athletes are role models for safe sun!  With all the time Maria spends in the sun, we’re glad to see that SPF is on the forefront of her mind. She has also been known to get spray tans which I’m sure work great for covering up her tennis outfit tan lines! Luminosity custom airbrush tans are perfect for evening out skin tones and filling in those summer tan lines!



Manayunk strEAT Festival!

The time has come for one of our favorite Manayunk weekend events. The strEAT Festival! During the festival Main Street will be lined with some of Philadelphia’s best food trucks with specialties ranging from sweet to savory. People flood Main Street, which will be closed off from cars to allow for the many pop up restaurants and food trucks. There are several options at affordable prices. Even the fancier restaurants of Philly will do affordable variations of street food.

For this years 2014 Festival, look for farmers markets and gourmet food vendors in two of Main Street Manayunk’s parking lots. You can  for homemade honeys, oils, spices, breads and other delicious items all made by local vendors. Food centric arts and crafts are also available in the market areas.

It’s hard to pick a favorite item from last years festival! At our salon we sampled wood fired pizzas, crab cakes, cajun corn on the cob, pork carnitas tacos, cupcakes and my personal favorite.. the gourmet mac and cheese truck! All were phenomenal. If you stop by the festival this year, be sure to stop into Luminosity, located right in the heart of Main Street.  We’ll be out and about handing out our exclusive specials and joining in the food and fun!

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What the heck is oil pulling?

oilPullingThere’s a lot of hype these days on what seems to be holistic health trend. We seem to hear more frequently about the benefits on using coconut oil for your skin, hair even cooking, BUT never did we see it going this far. I first heard of oil pulling through a friend. She had been doing oil pulling for 2 years EVERY night. Coconut oil also goes on her face every night in place of a moisturizer.

So what exactly is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian practice that involves swishing oil around in the mouth for about 20 minutes on the premise that this will pull toxins out of the body.

What are the benefits?

Some studies show that oil pulling has extremely great benefits for oral health. It can help strengthen the teeth, gums, and jaw; whiten teeth; prevent bad breath; prevent dryness of the mouth, lips, and throat; prevent mouth diseases like cavities and gingivitis; and treat soreness of the jaw. It’s also been thought that oil pulling has many benefits that extend way beyond oral health, although this has yet to be proven scientifically. Examples include reduced headaches, hangover relief, kidney function support, general pain relief, reduced insomnia, and general detoxification of the body, just to name a few.

We haven’t tried oil pulling yet, but have heard a lot of positive remarks form friends and clients. 20 minutes does sound lengthy, but if you do this in the morning while you shower and do your hair or makeup, time will fly. Curiosity has gotten the best of us, and we plan on trying it soon!