Get the Best Beauty Sleep



Isn’t it so common that after running around for the day, exhausted, you FINALLY hit your sheets and… you can’t sleep! You toss around and morning seems to come entirely too early. You end up sleep deprived, leaving you grumpy, and even worse frumpy! Here are a few tips to help you stay beautiful and rested.



 Take some melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone that your brain makes to help your body fall asleep each night. It regulates your internal clock and gives you that natural feeling of drowsiness when your bedtime rolls around. So it should come as no surprise that taking this hormone in pill form will help with fall asleep faster. It’s a natural sleep remedy and can help with everything from jet lag to consistent insomnia. Just made sure you are taking the right dosage. Your body makes its own amount of this hormone naturally, so taking too much can disrupt your body’s natural melatonin production.

 Sip on Sleepytime Tea: Any tea without caffeine will help to calm and relax you. And, despite what you may think, adding a little honey to your tea can help too. Honey can have a sedative effect and help you fall asleep faster. You can usually find teas that are labeled for bedtime at the grocery store.

Unwind with lavender: The smell of lavender has a relaxing effect that naturally aids in sleep. You can buy a spray and spritz it onto your pillow each night. Or even rub a little lavender essential oil into the palms of your hands then brush it through your hair and give yourself a mini scalp massage. The smell is soothing, the scalp massage is relaxing, and and it’s a great way to your mind ready for sleep.

Wake up earlier: Rising with the sun will help you go to sleep easier at night when you’ve had a full busy day that started off early. Sleeping in late, however, may throw off your sleeping schedule and give you energy until the wee hours of the next morning. Make an effort to wake up early if you want to go to bed at a reasonable time each night. And start to make this a part of your regular sleep schedule.

Happy Sleeping! ZzZzZzZzZz


Seeing Green this St. Patty’s Day

With Saint Patrick’s day approaching, we thought it was fitting to bring out our green goddess side and show you some of our favorite green fashion and beauty products this season!

First up is this Emerald green statement necklace by Kate Spade. Bold necklaces are IN this Spring!b197ea403bd32e466e2b921bc7fcfa46

Here we have bright lime green shoes from TOMS crochet collection. Don’t forget, for every pair of TOMS you buy, a child in need receives a pair.


Here is a fabulous kelly green tote by Tori Burch that we love! It comes in styles from small crossovers to large tote bags.


March seems to bring so many baby showers, bridal showers etc. For these events we love this green textured dress from Target. Best part? It’s only $24.99!


Who doesn’t love a trendy mint nail color? We love “Mint Candy Apple” by Essie.


We love everything about this fringe bathing suit by Victoria’s secret! Great color and style!


Of course if you’ll be wearing that bikini, you’ll need a Luminosity sunless tan first. This exfoliating mit is fantastic for exfoliating pre tan, and removing any remaining tan to get a fresh glow.


A green blazer is a must have to add a pop of color to any outfit. Fancy it up with a dress and heels or play it down with boyfriend jeans and a white tee.


Last but not least, we love these green sunnies with a vintage feel. Bring on the sun!


Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day and CHEERS to Spring!

And The Oscar Goes To…

Sunless Tanning! We saw a lot of beautiful spray tans at the Academy Awards, and a few skin tones that could have used a little faux glow! This year the tans were looking fantastic! We didn’t see many tanning mishaps, a la Christina Aguilera in 2012.  For the most part the leading ladies, (and men!) were airbrushed to perfection. We always think a nice subtle glow looks best for pictures and red carpets. Some of our favorite looks of the night are below! From Jennifer’s  subtle glow, to Kristen and Maria’s slightly deeper bronze, we think these ladies look fabulous!

jennifer-lawrence  enhanced-1655-1393804421-21 oscars-2014-maria-menounos-red-carpet__oPt








Now you’ll see what a little sunless tan can do for you if you pick a nude gown that can easily wash you out! On the left, she appears faded ad washed out. While on the right, her skin tone has the perfect glowing contrast in this dress! Bravo Giuliana, and all the stars who opted for a healthy, safe natural glow!