Sunless Selfies

Most of us have probably indulged in a shameless, self-promoting selfie shot. Some more than others! Say you’re having a great hair day, you’re make up is on point, or you are looking tan and toned from your last spray tan. You just HAVE to show it off! Our clients always tell us how great their selfies turn out with a fresh tan, so we thought, why not show it off!

Do you Instragram? Make sure you follow us at luminosity_smiles for specials, tips and fun pics! We’re running a selfie special right now! Here’s how:

1.) Take a selfie while you have your Luminosity tan

2.) Post form your IG to luminosity_smiles, and tag #luminositysunless

3.) Get your next tan for ½ off!

Don’t be shy! We’ve included some of our own staff’s sunless selfies, check them out! Please keep your pics PG-13, we know you’re hot, but keep it classy! 😉



Why Whitening Pens?



Chances are you’ve seen some version of a whitening gel pen or stick for your teeth. They’ve been all over advertisements, and as of late, on a TV commercial comparing white strips to whitening pens. On the commercial they try to express that a white strip stays on your teeth better then applying a whitening gel. When dealing with our BleachBright whitening pen though, this is just a myth! Our whitening gel pen has enamel protection in it, unlike strips, will not cause damage or sensitivity to your teeth. It is easy to apply and dissolves directly into the pores of your teeth. There’s no rinsing afterwards or waiting for it to take effect. There is only about a 30 second dry time before you close your mouth and go about your day. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Beware, not all whitening pens are alike. At Luminosity, our BleachBright, KeepBright pens are specifically designed to give you the strongest amount of peroxide whitening with the added tooth protection. It’s whitening on the go, and makes it easy to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Check one out today at our online store at .

Super Smiley about Super Smile!

We have loved Supersmile toothpaste for years, and they just keep getting better! Brushing with a professional whitening toothpaste can make all the difference in an ordinary dull smile to a sparkly white one.  If you think the drugstore whitening toothpaste is good enough, think again! There is a reason celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Cameron Diaz swear by Supersmile.


Supersmile is the number one toothpaste recommended by cosmetic dentists. It is world-renowned for its ability to safely whiten while also cleaning, protecting, and strengthening teeth. Using the break-through science of Calprox, Supersmile’s own unique formula of Calcium Peroxide, it gently removes stains, plaque and bacteria on the surface of teeth. Luckily, Supersmile does not use harsh abrasives, so it is an easy, safe and pain free way to whiten.

5_Flavor_Pack (1)

Another reason we love Supersmile is the wide variety of toothpaste flavors. You can try original mint, icy mint, green apple, cinnamon and mandarin mint. Here at Luminosity we’ve tried them all! Supersmile has a full line of maintenance products to fit into your daily routine. They have pastes, accelerators, rinse and even a whitening gum. Whitening on the go just got a whole lot easier! Stop in and try some today!