Tricks For Whiter Teeth… With Your Lipstick!

marilyn-monroe-black-and-white-red-lips-3Here at Luminosity we have an extensive line of whitening products. We love our light activated sessions and have a wide variety of whitening toothpastes and touch up products. We’ve also learned from research and personal experience certain shades of lipstick for us gals, can lead to a whiter looking smile.

For a smile that shines bright like a diamond try…

Rich reds and berries: These are the best lipstick shades for making your pearly whites stand out. They will reflect off your smile to boost brightness.

Lip colors with blue undertones: The blue counteracts with yellow in enamel, making your smile appear instantly whiter.

Shiny, nude glosses: A glossy, shimmering formula in a classic neutral works to reflect against graying enamel, creating the illusion that teeth are shinier than they actually are.

The culprits behind a yellow grin are…

Bright orange and yellow-toned reds: Shades like coral or tomato have yellow-orange undertones, and work to play up the yellow in teeth. Avoid colors like these to prevent further yellowing.

Pale pinks, frosts and mattes: Steer clear of these shades and formulas, as they accentuate stains and make your smile appeal duller.

Shine on and Smile!

Va-Va Voom for Valentines Day?


Right before Valentine’s Day is a very popular time to get a sunless tan, because who doesn’t want to look hot, toned and tan in that new lingerie? Today we are discussing some real life stories and mishaps that will make you want to take proper precautions when spray tanning before a big date.

We always recommend coming in the day before your event for you tan. This allows a full day for your tan to set in, and adequate time before you shower, rinsing all bronzers off.  The time between getting your tan and the first shower you take is the “danger zone”. This is the time when you want to be extra careful not to get wet, sweaty, rained on, cry etc.

Picture this, you run out of time to get your tan and have to squeeze it in the morning of Valentine’s Day, leaving no time to shower before your big date. No problem right? It looks natural, there’s no harsh or strong scent. While those are true, there are a few things to look out for that we have personally seen here at Luminosity.

First off, your perfume! That spritz of Chanel No. 5 that you just sprayed directly on your chest is going to leave a white patch in your tan! The perfume is liquid, and also full of alcohol that strips your tan in general.

As the night progresses assuming you avoid any rain etc. your tan will still be looking fab… that is until after dinner. Beware, those light kisses on your neck will leave white spots on you, and bronzed lips on your man.

Moving to the bedroom, this is where it gets tricky. Massage oils? No thank you!

While your man may see no reason you can’t get sweaty in the sheets with him, beware! And, let’s face it with your sunless tan; you will be looking irresistibly sexy. Remember, the first day of your tan is for looking, not touching!

All jokes aside, once you rinse off the bronzers after the danger zone, you will be tan, and free of any restrictions. We also have a clear option of tan with no bronzers in it, so although you still can NOT get wet in any way the first 6-8 hours, you don’t have to worry about bed sheets full of bronzer.


Welcome to the “Yunk”

Luminosity opened its most recent location in April of 2012, in Manayunk, Pennsylvania. For those of you who are not familiar with Manayunk, let me tell you a little about it. Manayunk was named a National Historical District in 1983 and a Classic Town by The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission in 2007. Manayunk is centrally located just 15 minutes from Center City Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Chestnut Hill, and The Main Line. It sits along the Schuylkill River and the Manayunk Canal, lined with renovated Victorian storefronts, old factory buildings, upscale bars and restaurant, galleries and newly renovated living spaces. It’s a mix of college students and young professionals from surrounding schools, and an older, cultured crowd, heavily into the arts and fine dining.  It really is the perfect mix of urban experience and historic small town charm.

Manayunk has been up and coming in the most recent years hosting several food, art and shopping festivals. Main street in Manayunk has every type of store you can think of from clothing and accessories, pet supplies, salons and spas, markets, fitness studios, antiques, home furnishings and multiple superb restaurants and bars. Another unique quality of Manayunk is how dog friendly it is. You will see many residents walking their dogs and at the local dog park and even many stores with their own dogs. If you look closely at the picture below you will spot our resident dog laying outside! If you want to get a taste of Philadelphia, without having to go into Center City and deal with the parking and traffic, check out walk-able, quaint Manayunk. Being a small business ourselves, in a town filled with only local and small businesses, we feel right at home in the Yunk!yunkblog

Top 10 Skin Habits To Break This Year!

976b6655ac6690de_NYE.xxxlarge_01:  Not wearing SPF daily.   SPF Sun protection is essential every day, even if you won’t be in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  There are plenty of moisturizers, foundation and BB creams that have an SPF great for daily use. BB creams are the new rage and we can see why! An all in one foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer and toner in one light application.  Our favorite right now is Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream, SPF 50, a fantastic multitasking cream.

 2:  Sleeping in makeup.   Sleeping with makeup on can lead breakouts, skin discoloration and bloodshot eyes. Don’t rob your skin of amazing benefits and results that good skin care provides by sleeping with your make up on occasionally.

3:  Skipping skin exams. You should be seeing your doctor yearly for a skin examination. Always get your skin checked out and perform self-tests to see if there are any unusual skin changes in between. You know your body the best and any unusual discoloration or moles should be looked at by a dermatologist.

 4:  Not exfoliating regularly.  Did you know that the average woman has almost 30 layers of dead skin cells on her face? Implementing exfoliation, once per week, into our skin care regime helps even skin tone, keeps pores from clogging, and helps to avoid dryness.

5:   Rubbing your eyes.  This is one you may forget, or not even realize you do, but it’s time to break the habit. The area around your eyes is the thinnest, most sensitive area of the face and should be handled gently. The more you rub it, the more it will stretch. Since there are no oil glands there, the skin has very little give. Repeated rubbing or pulling on the lids, even when putting in contact lenses, can cause skin to slacken and fine lines to form.

6:  Constant Phone Chatter. Resting your chin or cheek against a phone—cell or old-school—can lead to breakouts. Use anti-bacterial wipes on your phone often, although whether or not the phone is clean, leaning your face against it can cause friction and heat, which can make you break out. If your chatting habit is too ingrained to shake, consider a headset.

 7:  Popping pimples and zits.  We know, we know, it’s tempting. But the reality is that squeezing a pimple just pushes bacteria deeper into the pores, causing inflammation, infection, and scarring—and almost doubling the zit’s life span (from about one week to two). Here’s what you should do: Use a spot treatment with no more than 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide at night, and reapply it to major zits in the morning. 

 8:  Smoking.   Like you need another reason to quit? Seriously—it’s time. Because if you keep smoking, you’ll not only damage your health, but you’ll develop more and more deep wrinkles and blotchier skin tone. In fact, every decade of smoking results in a perceived extra 2.5 years of age!

9:   Ignoring Your Neck and Chest.  Skin care doesn’t stop at your jawline. These areas are almost always exposed, and yet they rarely receive same level of hydration and sun protection as the face. But the skin there is more delicate and just as vulnerable to photoaging.  The fix is simple: The next time you apply serum, face cream or sunscreen or give yourself an exfoliating treatment, extend everything down to your décolletage.

10:  Tanning. Stay away from tanning beds and tanning in the sunlight! Luminosity has always promoted safe sunless tanning. You can achieve that sun kissed glow in a completely safe and organic solution. We only used VersaSpa and Norvell products, top of the line when it comes to naturalness, color and safety. Choose from a private spray booth or a customized airbrush tan by a certified technician. 

Make your Skin Health and Beauty a priority in 2014!