Avocado: Super Food to Super Skin!

When you think of avocados, you probably think of guacamole. But there’s more that this super fruit can do besides taste great! It also has wonderful health benefits. And these benefits are not just derived from eating the fruit — even avocado oil has properties that are beneficial for skin care.

Here are just a few things that avocado oil can do for the skin:
• Since it has a high content of plant steroids (sterolins), avocado oil is able to heal scars, sun damage, and reduce the appearance of age spots.
• Due to its high moisturizing effect, avocado oil is used to help with conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It is able to cure mature, dry, flaky skin that had been ravaged by the sun. It is believed that with avocado oil, the skin tissue is able to soften and regenerate making it appear younger and more supple.
• Avocado oil is believed to boost the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is the component in our skin and muscle tissue and is a protein that helps hold our body together (from cells, tissues, and skin). Collagen is also responsible for making our skin, nails, and hair youthful and beautiful.

It is avocado oil’s ability to fight sun damage that makes it important in spray tanning because the DHA tanning process can sometimes dehydrate the skin.

A great spray tanning product that contains avocado oil is SunlessPRO tanning bronzer by VersaSpa. This little magic in a can is fabulous for touching up your tans in between sessions. Going on vacation? Throw it in your luggage, because the wear and tear of chlorinated pools and ocean salt water will lighten up our bronzed skin!
This 360° Spray infused with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, and Avocado Oil; SunlessPro Tanning Bronzer is the key element for an advanced, self-applied all over Sunless Tan or maintenance of your professional Sunless Tan. Tanning Bronzer can be used at any angle and goes on evenly for professional-looking, streak-free Sunless results. Used in-between professional Sunless Tanning sessions, Tanning Bronzer can enhance and extend the life of your professional Sunless Tan.