The Man Tan

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With the increasing industry of sunless tanning men are becoming more open to not only trying spray tanning, but admitting to it. As the look of spray tans gets more and more natural, an increased amount of guys looking for a subtle glow, enough to take the edge of a pale winter face and body, are testing the waters.
Tanned skin makes you feel fitter, brightens your complexion and brings out your features while also defining muscles. The essential thing to remember is that it doesn’t expose your skin to sun damage in the way that sun tanning or sun beds do, so you can avoid the risk factors of skin cancer and premature ageing. The spray tanning process is quick and takes just minutes so you can fit it into your life without needing to clear out your schedule.

In the past male celebrities have always used spray tanning to appear leaner, more muscular and more attractive on screen. Stars like Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper have been known for avidly spray tanning. As spray tanning has become more affordable and accessible it has crossed into many men’s regular maintenance routines. Many different types of men have turned to regular spray tan sessions and they have various reasons for doing so. Here are a few examples, not limited to these, but some of what we see.
First there is the “Sneaky Sprayer”. This guy is still in the closet with his tanning routine because he fears that when his family or buddies find out they’ll make fun at him for caring about his appearance. The Secret Sprayer always has something attractive about him, outsiders would say he always looks great, they can’t pin point the reason that he has that certain glow about him.

Finally we have the “Muscle Man” This guy works hard for that body and deserves to show it off. This could be body builders, fitness models, avid gym lifestyles or anyone who wants the most possible definition in their stature and muscle mass. This guy is going to go all out on a dark island looking spray tan and his model is “go big or go home”.

Next there is the “Average Joe” who may be our most common type of spray tan user. This guy is confident in who he is and uses sunless tanning to enhance his body and appearance whether it be at the gym or a night out on the town. If there is an upcoming vacation social event etc. this guy knows what it takes to go the extra mile in his appearance to look and feel confident.
No matter what type of man you categorize yourself, give spray tanning a try. It might surprise you. Below are some manly tips.

– No need to shave your whole body like an Olympic swimmer beforehand. Lots of men with body hair get great results as this does not interfere with the application of the spray tan. The ultra-fine mist gives a gentle flow of air circulation that sprays the skin through hair. Any color will wash off of hair immediately after your first shower.
– Your spray tanning appointment will take just 10-15 minutes and all you need to do is arrive with clean skin that has been exfoliated in advance. If you need to shave, do so a few hours before your spray tan, as the razor can remove color leaving the skin looking patchy when shaving right after.
– Take some loose, dark clothes to change into afterwards. It will take 6-8 hours to fully develop before you can shower. Avoid getting wet or sweating at the gym until after you have showered.
– Your spray tan will last for up to a week and regular moisturizing will help your color to stay for longer.
– You don’t have to go super dark like you just got back from the islands. A subtly glow goes a long way.


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