Spray Tanning is SAFE!

ImageThings that are unsafe: Smoking, Drunk Driving, Skin Cancer, Biological Warfare

     Things that are safe: A spray tan.

Unless you live under a rock I’m sure you have seen the alarmist, presumptuous and quite frankly exaggerated reports scattered around you daily news feed about spray tanning. After further reading and research, it turns out that it’s probably not as bad as the news and media outlets would have you think. Here’s what you need to know.

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is primarily used as an ingredient in sunless tanning products. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most effective sunless tanning products contain DHA as the active ingredient. DHA is a colorless chemical that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color change on the skin. Since these dead skin cells are constantly being shed, the color change produced by DHA usually lasts about five to seven days.

The argument that the media has presented is, that although DHA has long been approved for topical skin use on the skin, what, if any, are the long term effects of inhalation of this solution? As bad as these news reporters would love to say “Spray Tanning Causes Damage!” the best they can say at most is that the long term effects are “unknown” “may have the potential to cause damage” if ingested enough. There are still no facts about any dangers that spray tanning can cause, if any. Just to be safe, because of the “unknown” factor, sunless tanning salons are recommended by the FDA to take extra precautions. Does this mean limiting your amount of spray tanning or stopping all together? Absolutely not! Many salons, Luminosity in particular, has always offered nose plugs, eye wear and lip balm. We even off disposable undergarments, just in case you forgot yours that day, wink wink.

For media outlets to portray that spray tanning can be just as harmful as regular sun or UV tanning is an absurdity! UV tanning and sun tanning has been 100% proven to cause CANCER. News reporters who even compare the two should be ashamed of their selves for encouraging a people to continue UV tanning or sun bathing.

Although the FDA has approved the use of topical DHA, it is all of the sudden becoming apparent that they have not approved it as “food grade” meaning you shouldn’t eat it or ingest it directly into the blood stream. Obviously! When is the last time you ate your hair spray, nail polish, or any other beauty product you use on your body? Image