New Dancing With The Stars Tanning Collection Is A Perfect 10!

untitledNorvell, the industry leader in self tanning, is working with ABC on the new Dancing With The Stars Collection. These newest products are designed to provide flawless, foolproof bronzing at home. It’s the perfect way to maintain your Luminosity tan at home. We use exclusively Norvell products for our custom airbrushing, so rest assured, your at home product will match up perfectly providing seamless tans!

The DWTS crew is known for their toned bodies, entertaining performances and of course those dazzling costumes. Gorgeous bronzed limbs in those costumes are a huge part of the overall effect! No matter their dance scores, contestants always win big with their professional Norvell spray tans.

The Dancing with the Stars Sunless Collection by Norvell features four skin-healthy formulas that go on gracefully, creating a natural and flawless self-tan – no technique or training required. Like all Norvell products they are vegan, free of parabens, sulfates and gluten.

Come try one out today!untitled1





The Making of A Victoria’s Secret Angel – Head to Toe!

If you happened to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show last night, you may have been thinking the same things. 1: That’s so sparkly and pretty! 2: Her body is SICK! (in a good way). 3: I really need to hit the gym. Ugh, I wonder if I still have my membership.. do those expire?

Candice-Swanpoel Adriana-Lima Butterflies









We loved watching Vicky’s show, the glamour, the glitz! The bronzed, stick thin bodies holding up ginormous wings! It really is a magical production. It may give young girls unrealistic ideals for body image, but hey, these girls worked for it! They haven’t seen a complex carbohydrate in months! Seeing how beautiful and flawless each Angel looked as they emerged prompted us to do a little digging on how they get ready. How does this transformation work, from a regular old model, to a Victoria’s Secret Angel? This is what we found!

beauty1 beauty2 beauty3 beauty33 beauty5









25 makeup artists, 25 hair stylists (25 curling irons) and 9 manicurists  transformed 47 supermodels into Angels for the runway of the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Tousled sexy waves are the classic Angel look! The makeup, classically features sultry eyes, bronzed cheeks and a natural lip. Glamorous but natural, not over done looking. Hours of makeup for a more “natural” look, who would have thought!







The skin is always tan, toned and glowing on the runway! This is do to a fabulous spray tan before hand. Victoria’s Secret has their own line of self tanners, but the key is a good spray artist that can CONTOUR! Even Taylor Swift who performed throughout the show got on the magical spray tan train, and she’s never looked better!

We’ve read some statement from the Angels about how they stay so thin. Of course most of these girls were the “awkward, lanky, dorky one” and with a healthy diet and an astronomical amount of working out starting 9 months prior to the show, they become the sexy toned Angel. Those push up bras work wonders on them!







Every detail for each Angel must be just right. This is why each one is spritzed with Victoria’s signature scent, “Heavenly”.  So when you think of models, running around backstage, sweating and clammy, not these Angels! Primped, primed and scented to perfection! Even if you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, you can smell like one!







Overall, as jealous as we may be of these girls, they really did rock it. They are the ultimate sexy, classy, glamorous Angels we all know and love!



Give the Gift of Smiles!

untitledGive the gift of white smiles this holiday season with a Luminosity Teeth Whitening gift card. Teeth whitening makes a wonderful gift, because, face it, who doesn’t want a whiter smile? Your special someone may not think to go out and get a whitening session themselves, but they will be ecstatic to receive it as a gift from you! The best part about it is our specials we will be running all month! Our most popular December special is Buy 3 Get One Free Gift Cards! You can gift them all, or even keep one for yourself! It’s time to get on top of that Christmas shopping – Happy Holidays!

Anything Goes – In Skin That Is…  

e7eby4agAccording to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, tanning salons are observing an increase in Indian and African American women coming in to get spray tans, particularly on their legs. And yes, we love that these requests have become regular at Luminosity too!  A sunless tan is the perfect alternative to panty hose. The tan evens out skin tone, hides flaws like stretch marks, cellulite and scars, and gives off a bronzed look. It’s almost like a liquid stocking to cover your skin. You don’t need to limit the bronze glow to just legs of course! Plenty of our clients get the full body, all over glow they desire.  At Luminosity, we don’t necessarily take you darker; we just match the skin tone and give it a beautiful sheen. We hear often a client say they  may not want to be all over darker, just even, bronzed skin.

Celebrities like Beyonce, Gabrielle Union,  Kerry Washington and Rhianna have  already adopted this trend. We may advertise a “pasty pale to golden bronze” look, but honestly, the sunless tan looks to die for on all types of skin tones!

Product of the Month: NightBright



Our product of the month at Luminosity is the NightBright! This handy little teeth whitening kit can be done anywhere in quick and easy sessions. It’s the perfect kit for those that want to whiten their teeth but can’t find the time to go out and have a whitening done. The NightBright gives you the power of L.E.D. whitening in a small and convenient at-home kit! Just like the BleachBright whitening kits we use in our Luminosity store, the NightBright uses the safe and advanced whitening gel and a blue L.E.D. light to whiten your teeth. It’s fantastic to use in between sessions for quick touchups.


How to use:

  • Smile and brush on a thin layer of gel onto each tooth. Turn on the mini L.E.D. light and insert it between your lips and teeth for 10 minutes. Repeat these steps two more times. For best results, repeat this process for 7-10 days.


  • Very easy to use!
  • Amazing results that last 6-12 months
  • 2-8 shades whiter in just 7 sessions at home!
  • 30 applications per vial (10 Sessions)
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Best results guaranteed!

Give it a try by picking one up at our Luminosity King of Prussia or Philadelphia locations,  or our online store. Right now, they are just $20!



Pre-Tan Shaving Trick

We heard from one of our clients about this amazing tip to shaving your legs before your sunless tan. We tried it out and IT WORKS! Using Baby Oil Gel (we used Johnson and Johnson) to shave is amazing! Use a thin layer on your legs in the shower or on a sink/ledge and shave as normal, then rinse. It is the smoothest shave ever. This leaves your legs baby soft and eliminates razor burn and bumps. It albaby-oilso helps to keep your razors sharp, which is a huge bonus since razors can get expensive!

If you do this while prepping for a sunless tan there are a few tips to remember. Normally we wouldn’t suggest any oils on your legs before a tan, BUT this routine should be done the night before a tan. Then do another quick shower rinse the next day before your tan to get rid of any excess residue. It is always better to shave 12+ hours before a tan so you don’t get the blotchiness that open pores on your legs can leave when tanning freshly shaved legs.

You can feel the difference in the smoothness of your legs! It feel like the hair takes longer to grow back and stays smooth for longer. Also your razor should last twice as long. Try it out!

How To Wear Dark Lipstick

Dark lips are allplum2 the rage for fall, and here at Luminosity we can’t get enough of them. Although this new take on the gothic classic is a bit more romantic, it’s still a pretty look with impact, which means you want to get the look down pat so all goes well. Here’s some helpful tips!


Even it up:  There are a lomodel-dark-lips-3t of great lip exfoliators out there, If you feel like you have  flaky lips, gently exfoliate them. This is especially for a matte look which can enchance the flakiness or dry lips. A dark gloss will help cover up if you havn’t done an exfoliating lip treatment.

De-fuzz your top lip: Always make sure there is no hair on your upper lip. You have no idea what attention – and the wrong kind of attention – that dark shadow brings to your mouth. Also, if the lip color catches any of those little, tiny hairs? Forget it, the look is just not good.

Start with a base: The best way to prepare your lips for wearing a dark color is to keep them in great shape, which means keeping them moisturized. A great lip balm is essential, but try to get one that’s not too glossy because if you use it as a base under the lip color, it’ll sheer the color out or cause it to slip past the lip line. Go for balms that are more matte.

Outline: Lining your lips are extremely important to ensure your lipstick looks more polished and neat and put together. Along with lining, it’s important to make sure you get around that cupid’s bow and also highlight for a sharper look.

Go for glowing skin:  You also have to spend a minute to perfect your skin, which is something a lot of people tend to forget. If your dark lips are competing against blotchiness or redness on the chin or nose, it just doesn’t look as fresh. Start with a light sunless tan or at least a tinted BB cream, you don’t want to be too pale and gothy looking with a dark lip.

Get the hue: Text out a few different hues before your dark lip debut. Range from bold red to vampy wines and berries.

Smile Bright: Visit Luminosity, because nothing looks better with a bold dark lip then a white smile.  It looks bright and fresh with an amazing color cotrast. Just make sure your dark lipstick doesnt end up on your teeth!





New additions to Luminosity!

We are so excited to announce the addition of a 2nd VersaSpa booth and a 2nd custom airbrush tanning room at our King of Prussia location! This means no wait time on busy nights, you are in and out. Although the VersaSpa is aready ultra speedy and efficient, this makes it even easier for groups to come in for a quick and flawless spray. We are now one of the only salons that has multiple VersaSpas, the most elite and advanced sunless tanning booth in the industry. We now have any oiption you would want including a prep spray, bronze or clear color, and a mosturizer spray. Try all 3 for the ultimate tan! At Luminosity, we are always striving to be the best and offer the best for our loyal customers. We are happy to make our tans as convenient avs1450721_691695507548557_970173598_ns possible for the girl on the go!


Get Rid Of That Cellulite!

b0a2d6fa9120b93ffd3e1e2dfa3ecee2Just about all women have it, and whether genetics has blessed you with a little more than you’d like, cellulite is just one of those things we have to embrace. What causes that dimply, orange-peel-looking flesh? When fat cells push up against our skin and the fibrous tissue that connects our skin to our muscle pulls down, we’re left with that signature bumpy skin. Although you can’t get rid of cellulite completely, here are some simple things you can do to reduce its appearance.


1: Cardio

Cellulite is a type of fat, and the tried-and-true way to get rid of fat is to burn it off. Intense cardio workouts such as running, cycling, hiking up hills, or taking cardio classes are your greatest weapon. Note that it may take several months to decrease your overall percentage of body fat and notice a difference in your skin’s appearance.

2: Tone Up

Once you decrease the fat on your body, tone strong, lean muscle by doing strength-training moves that target trouble spot. By improving the tone of your muscles, which will help make your legs, tush, and abs appear smoother. Try a fun group class most gyms are now offering!

3: Eat Healthy

Of course, eating a healthy diet goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy weight. The less fat you have on your body, the less cellulite appears. Eat a diet rich in fruits and veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains.

4: Stay Hydrated

Reducing the appearance of dimply skin is as simple as drinking a glass of nature’s beverage. Staying hydrated improves the texture of your skin because it helps your body release excess fluid it may be holding on to. Drink up!

5: Spray Tan

We are all about a healthy lifestule but for those stubborn areas, a sunless spray tan can do wonders to camoflauge lumps and bumps. As we always say, if you can’t TONE it, TAN it!



Get Artsy at Manayunk Arts Festival!

This weekend Manayunk will celebrate for the 25th year in a row, Arts Festival! Manayunk will present the best variety of fine arts and crafts from across the country. Nearly 200,000 collectors, buyers and designers will visit Main Street for the event. This year will feature nearly 300 artists that will showcase their work along historic Main Street, Manayunk. It is like the arts and crafts section on Pinterest, in real life!

You may have done StrEAT festiva2014MAFWebl, Bike Race etc. in Manyaunk, possibly engaging in the drunken debauchery that at times Manayunk can be, but this weekned, get some culture in your life and explore Arts Fest!